Thanks for you interest in booking Dustin Nickerson, Average Comedian. If you’re looking to book Dustin as a comedian, emcee, host, speaker, break dancer, sign holder, prom date, rodeo clown, or piñata, please continue reading.


I, er, I mean “Dustin” usually responds within 24 hours. Though, Dustin sometimes is on the road and other times takes long naps. These could interfere with the 24 hour thing.

The Average Comedy guarantee is simple: 
-We promise to put on a hilarious performance that is clean, appropriate for any crowd , and not embarrassing for you or anyone else
-We promise to meet the exact needs of your event
-We promise that you’ll have an above average amount of fun
Things we can’t promise but very well might happen:
-You will get a promotion and perhaps even a parade in your honor for booking Average Comedy
-You will be added to the Christmas Card mailing list of Dustin and his family and perhaps get an invite to Thanksgiving dinner
-Dustin’s mom will call you and thank you for booking him
-Dustin’s dad will call you and tell you it was a mistake booking him and suggest a few better options
-Your organization may petition that a statue of Dustin be placed in your lobby (or Narthex if you’re that kind of church)
-You’ll consider offering Dustin honorary stock options, if applicable 
-You decide to write Dustin into your will 
Now that we’re feeling good about booking Dustin, please either fill out the contact form below or connect with Dustin directly.
(619) 335-5023

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